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Terms & Conditions:

  • Membership Holds: Going out of town? Having a baby? Need some time off? No worries. All yogis are welcome to pause their membership for a total of 1 month every 6 months for free! Any additional holds are $20/month. Each Membership Hold must be a minimum of two weeks.

  • No Show/Late Cancellation Policy: We want everyone in our yoga community to get their yoga in and feel amazing! In order to plan our classes to be their very best and to allow space for everyone who wants to take class, please note that we provide a 1-hour early-cancellation window for our classes. After this window, a $10 late cancellation fee will be applied. We understand that life happens, so should you need to cancel, please cancel or call at least 1 hour prior to class. Any special circumstances, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

  • Upgrades and Downgrades: We are happy to work with you to make sure you are always on the best plan for your lifestyle. Were you overly enthusiastic about your time or availability? You’re welcome to downgrade to a smaller membership with a one time fee of $50, and of course you are always welcome to upgrade at any time.

  • Membership Cancellation: Struggling with time? That is one of the largest barriers to a healthy, active lifestyle! Before you cancel, let us see if we can help you reach your fitness goals and prioritize your me-time. We have lots of options to suit your schedule. If you still need to cancel, an early termination fee will apply based on the membership you signed up for. Early termination fee is calculated as 25% of the remaining total balance due for the duration of the membership. Early cancellation fees may also apply. Upon completion of contract term, memberships renew month to month at the same rate with no contract or penalty for cancellation. See our concierge staff or email us at to inquire about the exact terms of your membership.

  • Memberships will automatically renew: Once you join Turbo 26, your membership rate is locked in for life, so long as you continue to maintain the membership. Your membership will renew monthly until you decide to cancel.

  • Package Selection: We are always SO happy to help you choose your perfect package.  Unfortunately, as is industry standard, we cannot offer refunds. Please let us know if you’d like any help choosing the best option for your health and wellness goals.