What is Healthy Heat?

Ever taken a hot yoga class where the heat feels so oppressive you can’t breathe? It’s a terrible feeling! I practice yoga because I love what it does for my body and my overall well-being, but I don’t want to suffer to get the results. I’ve taken classes where I’ve actually had to leave the class because I felt light-headed and like I just couldn’t get enough air. One time, an instructor followed me out of the studio and reprimanded me for leaving! Seriously?

So, here’s the deal – fifth grade science class. We breathe in oxygen and we breathe our carbon dioxide. Well, we breathe in both oxygen and carbon dioxide, and we breathe out both as well, but the ratios are different. We breathe in more oxygen than we breathe out, so eventually, without good air circulation, there is less oxygen available and it becomes hard to breathe. In actuality, it would be virtually impossible to run out of breath in a hot yoga class, but still it can feel really oppressive and bad – and yoga is supposed to make you feel good!

A true Bikram yoga class is 90-minutes long and moves through a fixed series of traditional postures, in a room with an air temperature of 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. Holy s*it! While your body will acclimatize to the heat after a few weeks of hot yoga, who wants to suffer to get to that point? Plus, a recent ACE Fitness study showed that during a 90-minute Bikram-style class, body temperature rose consistently in healthy participants experienced in hot yoga. The participants’ temperatures topped out at 103 degrees, narrowly missing the 104-degree threshold that doctors consider dangerous.

Not to mention how stinky and gross a hot yoga studio gets when 50 yogis are sweating profusely in a closed off room! Yuck!

Wide Leg Forward Fold

Heated yoga gets a bad rap because so many yoga classes are just too hot! But the heat is good for you – to a point. When you practice yoga in a heated studio, your body warms up more quickly and is more fluid and flexible. Think of your body like taffy: when it’s cold, it’s stiff and hard; but when its warm, it’s stretchy and pliable. With extra heat in the room, you can touch your toes a little easier, bust out that back bend you thought you couldn’t do, or even release tension in your back and hips by going deeper in half-pigeon pose. Not only that, the added heat makes you sweat more, and sweating is a good thing! It helps your body to eliminate toxins, it kills bacteria and viruses that cannot survive in heated climates, and it regulates your body temperature. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, what’s a yogi to do? How do I get just the right heat? Enough to optimize my practice, but not so much that I feel like I’m dying! And please, is there any way to keep the room from smelling so disgustingly rancid? Is that so much to ask?


I am thrilled to introduce Turbo 26 Studio, a new yoga studio opening this fall at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. At Turbo 26, we have invested in a state-of-the-art climate control system that delivers what we call “healthy heat.” Our name is Turbo because our studio is literally Turbo charged! Like a high performance sports car with a turbo charged engine, our studio is infused with oxygen. There is always fresh air to breathe!

The Turbo 26 healthy heat climate control heats the studio to a perfect and consistent 98 degrees, which is body temperature. We add in 30 percent humidity, no more and no less. Our system has the ability to remove excess humidity as bodies sweat and add moisture to the room. 98 degrees with 30 percent humidity is the optimal environment to warm your body up like taffy and increase your flexibility and movement. But there’s more! All of the air coming into our studio passes through ultraviolet light, killing 99.98 percent of all harmful bacteria. The result is a benefits multiplier! Perfect heat and humidity, fresh oxygenated air, and no smelly stench.

Practicing in the Turbo 26 healthy heat environment is actually good for your health – mentally and physically. The benefits of healthy heat are enormous. Not only does the climate facilitate a flexible and fluid yoga practice, healthy heat also helps prevent colds and flu, headaches, hay fever and sinus problems. It provides relief from asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems, plus it reduces fatigue and makes you feel fresh as a tiptoe through the tulips.

We want our yogis to know that we care for their health, comfort, and well-being. Providing healthy heat is just one of the ways we are spreading the love and sharing what we value most about yoga!



About the Author:


Joanna Meiseles is the founder of Turbo 26 Studio, a new concept in yoga coming to the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California this fall. Turbo 26 offers fast-flow heated yoga classes in 26-minute stackable intervals. Designed to deliver inspiring fitness-focused classes, Turbo 26 is demystifying yoga and making the benefits accessible to anyone willing to challenge their body and open their mind.

Prior to Turbo 26, Joanna created Snip-its, a franchised chain of hair salons for children. After building Snip-its to more than 60 locations in the US, Joanna put her skill and franchise expertise to work as a strategy consultant at iFranchise Group, the world's premier franchise consulting firm. A lifelong avid yogi, Joanna is now putting her energy into Turbo 26, a concept that she hopes to grow into a successful franchise across Northern California and then across the country.