Turbo 26 is OPEN!!

Last week, I wrote about our delays getting open and the stress of having to do damage control with my instructors, who were counting on teaching, and my founding customers, who were eagerly anticipating the opening. Rather than the loud grand opening we were planning originally, Turbo 26 opened with a whisper on December 21st. The inspector came at noon and gave us our occupancy, and I taught the first class at 5:00 PM. Three people showed up. Woohoo! We are finally open!

It was a weird time to open, right before Christmas, but I didn’t want to delay any further. The mall was packed with shoppers, but not a whole lot of them were yogis coming to class. It’s been a bit of a lesson in patience.

Here’s the good news: everyone who is coming to Turbo 26 is LOVING it!!! Our instructors are amazing, and the studio is beautiful. Everyone is commenting that the heat is perfect, the classes are awesome, and they love the 26-minute format. Lots of customers are trying just one class, but I am pleasantly surprised to see so many of them staying for two (or even three) staked classes in a row.

It’s nice to have a bit of a slow start to have the luxury of time to figure out the systems. We are making sure that every single customer is getting great customer service and, of course, a great yoga class. We have a $10 first visit special, where you can stay as long as you like, and after that choose a membership or credit pack that’s most convenient. Even in just one week, we are seeing so many regulars, quite a few coming every single day, and first-timers committing to a regular practice.

I had one customer, a man in his forties, take a single 26-minute class on Wednesday. He came back on Thursday to ask for the name of his instructor (it was Roxy!). He said, “I can’t believe how good I feel after just one class. My body hasn’t felt this good in maybe five years.” I was so happy, I wanted to hug him! When I think about why I started this business, it’s for those moments. It’s to help people find the beauty, the magic, the power of yoga.

I truly believe that yoga is good for every body, and if just 26 minutes of breath and movement can make you feel good and provide balance, focus, strength, and flexibility, I say Why not?

So far so good, and I am optimistic that 2018 is going to be a great year!!!!


Joanna Meiseles is the founder of Turbo 26 Studio, a new concept in yoga at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. Turbo 26 offers fast-flow heated yoga classes in 26-minute stackable intervals. Designed to deliver inspiring fitness-focused classes, Turbo 26 is demystifying yoga and making the benefits accessible to anyone willing to challenge their body and open their mind.

Prior to Turbo 26, Joanna created Snip-its, a franchised chain of hair salons for children. After building Snip-its to more than 60 locations in the US, Joanna put her skill and franchise expertise to work as a strategy consultant at iFranchise Group, the world's premier franchise consulting firm. A lifelong avid yogi, Joanna is now putting her energy into Turbo 26, a concept that she hopes to grow into a successful franchise across Northern California and then across the country.