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I recently wrote a blog post called “Why I Hate Yoga,” and being that I am an avid yogi, it’s not surprising that this particular post got quite a lot of attention – some positive and some not-so-positive. I guess it’s good to get the conversation started.

Truthfully, I believe that there is no bad yoga. It’s all good. It’s just that I like some formats and some styles better than others. I think it’s wonderful that there are so many varieties of yoga, so hopefully whatever inspires you move your body and connect with your spirit,

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What is Healthy Heat?

Ever taken a hot yoga class where the heat feels so oppressive you can’t breathe? It’s a terrible feeling! I practice yoga because I love what it does for my body and my overall well-being, but I don’t want to suffer to get the results. I’ve taken classes where I’ve actually had to leave the class because I felt light-headed and like I just couldn’t get enough air. One time, an instructor followed me out of the studio and reprimanded me for leaving! Seriously?


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Why I Hate Yoga

Haters gonna hate. These blog posts are 100% real!

“OMG! I tried it and I was so bored! I’m like, ‘Why can’t we move yet? Can I skip ahead? Next pose, please!’”

“I don’t understand yoga. Is it some sacred ritual where everyone else understands the code words and I am just lost? Why is everyone in a headstand now? Did I miss something?”

“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. I can’t even touch my toes.”

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