Burn Calories With Fusion

Not your average yoga class!


Did you know that our 26-minute Fusion class can burn 300-500 calories per session? And did we mention, that’s in just 26 minutes! This is not like any yoga class you’ve taken. Our instructors will get your heart pumping, your body moving, and your spirit soaring with a combination of motivation and inspiration to keep you coming back for more. What do yogis say after class, as they wipe away sweat and head for the shower? “Wow!” That’s the first thing, and then, after a breath or two, “that was amazing!” As challenging and exhausting as it is, we love it! And the benefits last long beyond the 26 minutes of class. According to the American Council on Exercise, you’ll keep burning calories at an increased rate for up to 24 hours after class. If you think yoga is just about relaxation and stretching, think again! Turbo 26 Fusion classes deliver a full-body workout that challenges every part of your body. If you want to lose weight, gain strength, and center your mind, try Yoga Fusion. You’ll feel like a super-hero!

Here are some tips to prepare for optimal performance in Fusion classes:

  1. Stay hydrated! Don’t gulp down water before class, but keep sipping every five to ten minutes to stay quenched. Then continue to drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day. We sell Fifty/Fifty water bottles that keep your H2O cold for hours!

  2. Invest in a good yoga mat. We love Jade mats because they are thin (so you can ground down to the floor beneath you) and sticky (so you won’t slip when you get sweaty). Having the right equipment makes a world of difference!

  3. Wear comfortable clothes. You’ll want to move your body freely, so wear yoga pants or shorts and a stretchy top (or tee shirt for the guys). Fabrics have gotten very technical, so pick specialty gear that wicks sweat and keeps you smelling fresh (or at least keeps you from getting overly stinky!) Check out our curated selection of Varley for the guys and Alo, Beyond Yoga, and Onzie for girls.

  4. Embrace the heat. Our studio is heated to 98 degrees with 30 percent humidity to provide maximum fluidity and flexibility in your movements. It definitely gets sweaty and can make you feel exhausted. Take breaks when you need them, but try not to leave the room. Switching to a colder environment cools the body down and makes it harder to go back in. Try sitting in easy pose with your head above your heart and just rest for a moment until you feel ready to jump back in.

  5. Be proud of yourself for showing up. Avoid the feeling that you need to be 100 percent and do everything perfectly right from the start. It takes a few classes, but trust us, you will see improvement each and every time to step onto your mat. Soon enough you’ll be feeling stronger and make it through the whole class, maybe even upleveling or stacking a second class. You can do it!

Check our website for class descriptions, schedule, and instructor bios. We offer 26-minute stackable classes that alternate Flow and Fusion, plus one hour-long Fusion class each day. P.S. The hour-long class burns upwards of 800 calories and will literally kick your ass!


Joanna Meiseles is the founder of Turbo 26 Studio, a new concept in yoga at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. Turbo 26 offers fast-flow heated yoga classes in 26-minute stackable intervals. Designed to deliver inspiring fitness-focused classes, Turbo 26 is demystifying yoga and making the benefits accessible to anyone willing to challenge their body and open their mind.

Prior to Turbo 26, Joanna created Snip-its, a franchised chain of hair salons for children. After building Snip-its to more than 60 locations in the US, Joanna put her skill and franchise expertise to work as a strategy consultant at iFranchise Group, the world's premier franchise consulting firm. A lifelong avid yogi, Joanna is now putting her energy into Turbo 26, a concept that she hopes to grow into a successful franchise across Northern California and then across the country.