Temperature is Rising :: Time for Hot Yoga!

Keeping up your hot yoga and fitness practice in the summer comes with lots of added benefits! From acclimating easier to scorching temps to encouraging regular hydration, it can actually help you survive those days when the mercury won’t stop rising. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't give up your hot practice when the outside world feels like inside the studio...

Detoxifying through sweat: Especially during the warmer months of the year, it is not uncommon to feel low on energy or sluggish. Exercising in the heat helps you re-energize and sweat out toxins that might accumulate in your body.

Acclimation to summer's heat: Your body cools itself more efficiently and effectively when you sweat so practicing hot yoga and fitness during the summer months can help you to better acclimate to the season's heat and humidity. When you leave the studio, the outside air just may feel cooler than inside the hot room!

Staying hydrated: Practicing hot yoga and fitness encourages you to stay well-hydrated and replenish your electrolytes regularly. If you’re already careful about staying hydrated with your regular practice, you’ll be more mindful to maintain that habit throughout the summer months when it matters most.

Make gains in your practice: Your muscles will already be nice and warm when you enter the studio, so you will likely find that you’re more flexible and can explore the postures in new and exciting ways during the summer months.

Prep your body for other activities: By acclimating to the heat in the studio, you’ll be in tip-top shape for any summer sports or activities you enjoy. If you make time for your practice, you'll notice that you will feel a bit lighter and have more endurance when you’re training for that marathon, going for a bike ride, or chasing after your kiddos in the park.

Spend more time with your Turbo Tribe: Yoga friends are the best! Surround yourself with strong, driven, motivated folks and watch your spirit lift. Keeping good company all year long is good for the soul! Inhale, turn the corners of your mouth up. Exhale, smile:)

Joanna Meiseles