#smallsteps to #biggoals

Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
Wherever you are in life, whatever your circumstances, today is the day for you to start.something.


Let’s make 2019 a year where every day is a new opportunity. 

stretch goals: the perfect way to think big but take small incremental steps to keep moving forward.
And with this amazing deal, no more excuses! 2 weeks, 10 credits, $29*


Persist in the process with confidence, and overcome hardships with resolve and optimism.
Just like yoga, life is a practice, not a perfect.

In just 26 minutes, we promise to challenge your body and open your mind.
We promise inspiration. We promise perspiration. We promise transformation.
Every class. Every half hour. Stay as long as you like.
Turbo charge your yoga. Turbo charge your life.


My favorite yoga studio! Price is reasonable for such a convenient location in Palo Alto surrounded by all these shops and restaurants.
— Carrie D.
Clean, lovely studio. I really like that there is a variety of students every time I go. If you’re an experienced yogi, you can challenge yourself. If you’re an inexperienced yogi, you’ll find a kind environment where you can practice.
— Tanya F.
I’ve committed to two morning classes a week. Tues/Thurs 6AM. I get a workout, a shower and feel ready and productive before I start my work day. I’ve always felt like it was hard to fit exercise into my schedule and never stuck with anything in the past. I’m three months in and going strong.
— Steve G.



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*Available for first time customers only.