By Purchasing an Auto Pay Membership from Turbo 26 Studio, you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

By accepting these terms and conditions through your election to enroll in an auto pay Turbo 26 Studio Membership, you hereby authorize Turbo 26 Studios, LLC (hereinafter “Turbo 26”) to bill and charge the Payment Method that you have specified in the amount of your monthly Membership Fee.

Membership Fee.
When you sign up for a Turbo26 Monthly Auto Pay Membership, your Membership Fee is locked in for the life of your Membership. So long as you continually pay your monthly Membership Fees, your rate will not change. If you cancel your Membership, you lose the locked-in rate associated with your Membership Fee. You may rejoin at any time at the then-current Membership Fee rate.

Automatic Renewal.
Your Monthly Auto-Pay Membership will automatically renew every month on the anniversary of your Initial Membership Sign-up Date. Turbo 26 will automatically charge the full Membership Fee to your Payment Method each time your Membership renews, unless you cancel.

Payments and Payment Method.
You agree that the Payment Method specified by you for automatic Payments to Turbo 26 is, and will continue to be, an account that you own, and that you will maintain sufficient availability under your credit card limit, or sufficient funds in the account linked to your debit card or other mode of payment, as applicable, to make your Payments. The automatic charge to your Payment Method will be the Membership Fee and will occur every month on the anniversary of payment after the Initial Membership Sign-up Date. If your Payment Account number or Payment Account expiration date changes, you understand and agree that your Payment Method issuer or You may notify Turbo 26 of such changes in order for Turbo 26 to update your Payment Method information on file and charge automatic Payments to your new Payment Method information.

Notification of Payments. 
With the exception of a confirmation email sent to you from Turbo 26 confirming your selected Payment Method, you may not receive any receipt of payment notifying you that a Payment has been made. You understand and agree that Turbo 26 may not provide you with advance notification before a Payment is charged to your Payment Method.

Current Information. 
It is your responsibility to make sure that your Payment Method information and email account information are current at all times during the term of your Membership.

Payment Method Declined. 
If any Payment charged to your Payment Method is declined, you authorize Turbo 26 to make additional attempts each day for up to twenty (20) consecutive days thereafter to successfully charge your Payment Method, if possible under such Payment Method. If Turbo 26 is unable to successfully charge your Payment Method after such time, your Membership will automatically cancel and you will lose the locked-in rate associated with your Membership Fee.

You may cancel your Membership at any time without penalty so long as you have completed your commitment term. Early cancellations are assessed a 10% fee for each full and unused month of the commitment term. We do not provide refunds for unused portions or pro-rated months.

Cancellation of your Membership shall be effective at the time of cancellation. If you cancel your Membership, you will lose the locked-in rate associated with your Membership Fee. You may rejoin at any time at the then-current Membership Fee rate.

“Turbo 26 Monthly Auto-Pay Membership” or “Membership” means the ongoing relationship established between Turbo 26 and you, providing you with previously agreed upon access to Turbo 26 classes and programs.

“Payment Method” means the credit or debit card information or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information that you have provided to Turbo 26 in order to be billed and charged for Payments.

“Initial Membership Sign-up Date” means the date on which you activated your Membership.

"Membership Fee" or "Payment" means the amount billed to your Payment Method each month for your Membership.

“Payment Cycle” means the month-long period between Payments.

“Commitment Term” means the length of time you committed to when purchasing your membership.